Here are the initial pictures.... these are from the E-Bay listing.
Here it is!! As you can see, it is mostly complete. There is some rust in the usual places, like the floor boards and the under seat tool box, but it is not too bad.
The tires are in need of replacing, but they are still on the original rims. It also is in need of a paint job. I recently got a few original rims from a friend, and they are a nice shade of green, what I would guess to be a factory color. This may be the future color of this Jeep!
On the back, you can see that it even still has the bumperettes. As I will be making this Jeep a vehicle that I can take camping and wheeling, these will come off and most likely be used on my M-38.
The drivetrain is all there... It was running when it was parked, but that was 10 years back. The motor is now frozen, but I am hoping that I will be able to free it up and run it as it is. Time will tell! If I need to open it up, I have a spare engine that I will drop in.
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