Here are the first pictures of the new Jeep at home.  It has a lot of original parts, and also came with two large boxes extra parts.  The first thing that I opened from the first box is a brand new windshield to cowl gasket!  Below are pictures of the Jeep and of the parts that were in the boxes.

As usual, I have gone crazy with the camera.... so there are a ton of pictures!

This is the gasket that goes between the windshield and the cowl...


When the previous owner took things apart, he cleaned the small parts and put them in jars.
Again.. more parts!  Here are sets of new shift boots.

There is a pintle hitch on the Jeep.  The top part of this pintle hitch is here, on top of the spare tire mount.  There are also two complete other pintle hitches.  

There are also two extra sets of factory style tail lights.  As I will not be needing them, they will be on E-Bay soon!

Here is a new soft top, still in the packaging.  The top was stored nicely and is still in like new condition.
As soft tops get old, the windows yellow and get stiff.  The windows on this top are still perfectly clear and soft.
The only pieces that I think may be missing are the two straight bars that go around the doors.  Because these are just straight pieces, I can make them easily.  The important parts are the top bows, which I have.
Another thing that is good is that I have all 5 original Kelsy Hayes rims that came with the Jeep.  This is the spare.
These are a spare set of front seats.
I hope to use this Jeep as a play vehicle, so I was glad that it also had a rear seat!


It needs work!  This should not be a hard vehicle to fix, as most of the parts are here, and just need to be cleaned up and put together.
The tires that are on the Jeep are old, but at least they hold air so that we can move it around to work on it.  
Here you can see the tail lights.  There is another set of these lights in one of the boxes.
The body is straight, but there are areas of rust that will need work.
The motor is all there and looks fairly clean.  It is currently frozen from sitting for so many years, and we are in the process of trying to free it up.
This is the first time that I have seen this type of air cleaner.  This is not the factory oil bath type, but for a play vehicle, I would rather have this type.  
This must have been a aftermarket replacement for the oil bath system.  I will have to investigate and see if Fram still makes the part numbers that is says that you should use for replacements.
This is another first.  At first look, I thought that is just had full time hubs.  But these are another type of lockout.
Now onto the problems...... The original parking break must have broken, so they rigged up this mess.  There is a pulley and cable system under the Jeep that makes it work.  This will have to go!
The worst area is the drivers side flood boards.  Here you can see the rust on the outside by the small step.
The passenger side floorboards are rusted, but they are not so bad that you would want to replace them right away.  They could be used for now, but since I will be replacing the drivers side floor, I will do the passenger side at the same time.
Here is the drivers side floor... or whats left of it!  At first look, this is really bad.  But they make replacement pans for the floors of the old Jeeps that you just weld in place, so this is not so bad.
Here is a view from the bottom.  The hat channels are also pretty rusted, so we will be replacing them also.
This Jeep also has a roll bar!
Also an interesting note... the E-Bay ad said that it was a 51, but according to the VIN, it is a 52 CJ-3A.  


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