When I purchased this Jeep, the seller said that the transmission had just been rebuild before it was parked.  The shifter would wiggle side to side, but would not move out of gear.  I opened up the top and it is seriously rusted.  I found no trace of oil in it, but it was completely full of water.  If it was rebuilt, then it must have been put back together and into the vehicle, and never filled with oil.  
Even though the top was not sitting in the water, the humidity still rusted it really bad.  You can clearly see that it is pitted and rusted solid.
You can still see part of the film that was crusted over the top of the water.  I guess that over the years, the water leaked in through the shifter and filled it up.

I have made a deal to get a used transmission and transfer case, so check back soon to see the removal and instal of the new unit.

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