It's Here!!  The Wrangler Rubicon is out and Warren got the first one in his area!  The last thing that I heard about these vehicles is that they are going to make 8000 this year, then none next year, then they will go into full production in 2004.  Right now they have allocated 4 for the Las Vegas area, and Warren got the first one!  But... I also read an article recently that said that th Jeep corporation may drop their pursuit of the Rubicon ready status vehicle, so who knows what will actually happen.   

Either way, Warren is safe.  Now everyone better take a good look at the first few pictures here, because I don't think that you will ever see this vehicle as clean as you will see it in the first few pictures!

Click HERE for more pics of the Rubicon on the 20 degree ramp!!!

Here it is... just home from the hospital... I mean the dealership.

Look how clean everything is... I did'nt know that a engine could be that clean!


Warren noticed that the air intake, visible here in the bottom center of the page, is located at the highest point in the engine compartment... sure beats say.. in a lower front fender or behind the front bumper!  I don't know if this is a normal Wrangler thing, or something that the Rubicon has improved on.

The Wrangler Rubicon has Dana 44HD axles front and rear, with limited slips and air lockers also front and rear.   This is fed power from the 4.0 High Output 6 cylinder, through a 5 speed manual transmission, then through a New Process 4:1 transfer case for low end grunt.  The transfer case comes with the slip yoke eliminator kit already done.  The Rubicon also has bigger aggressive tires and diamond plate rocker protection, all from the factory. (And covered by the factory 7/70 warranty!!)
As you can see, Warren is turning out to be a true Jeeper... working late into the night to drill holes in the new toy.  In this picture you can see the high lift jack he has mounted on the front bumper.
The other mod that he did right from the start is the sway bar disconnects.  He will also be removing the rear sway bar completely, but he has yet to do so as of this time.
Here is the proud father with his baby... I mean Jeep.

OK, like I said, enjoy the clean pictures... because it all over already.  I think that it was clean for about 5 days...

This was on a trip to the top of Mt. Potosi.

Warren wanted to check out the flex of his new rig, so he found a rock to climb onto.

In this picture, the front and rear swaybars are still connected.

Here is the same shot, but notice that all 4 wheels are now on the ground.  This is with only the front sway bar disconnected.  I am guessing that he will pick up a few more inches with the rear also disconnected.
I am sure that you will be seeing a LOT more from this Jeep.  We are going to take a trip to Vegas in November to go wheeling and to go to Comdex, and I will post pictures of that trip in the Old Trips section after we get back.
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