On 1-1-02 the Santa Rosa 4X4's made a day run to Lake Pilsbury.  The weather was overcast and rainy, so we knew there was going to be lots of mud!



The first obstacle of the day was a sizeable mud pit.  It did'nt look too deep, but you quickly found out that it was quite deep and that it threw you to the right side.
Here the Jeep makes a run at it.  Most people made it without problem, but a few had to be winched out.
The mud was everywhere!
Here is a picture of my truck just after I came through.  
We headed up the mountain into the snow.  We were not able to make it all the way up the mountain, but did make it quite a way.  We stopped here for a break and to play.
Alan found stump to pose on....

On the way down, we took the side trails.  At one point we found that a side trail was too steep and washed out, and while the group waited for the first people in line to get turned around, we played on the smaller hills.

I took this picture from my window, as it was still raining off and on.

Everyone who has been to Pilsbury a few times knows about this puddle... it has eaten quite a few vehicles over the years, and is actually the site of my only (knock on wood) breakdown.  

I was with a group of friends and we all went through this puddle.  I was in the biggest, tallest vehicle, my F-250 4X4 diesel.  I was the last through the puddle, and I sucked water into the intake, destroying the engine.  Although it did run after this, it was extremely rough at best.  It turned out to have 2 bent rods... and other internal damage.  We replaced the engine.

Either way... it's still a fun puddle to play in!

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