On November 29th 2003 we made a trip to the Covelo area to look for Christmas Trees and to play in the snow.   We left Coddingtown in Santa Rosa just after 5am and drive to Ukiah to have breakfast at Dennys.  Then is was on to Covelo!

All Pictures of the trip HERE

We were getting worried as we traveled higher and higher in elevation and did not see much snow, but finally we started hitting good patches.   It either snowed or rained the entire trip.
The kids broke out the snow disks and played.
After playing we headed down a trail, but it ended up dead ending in a small climb.
We made it to the Tar Flat / Hull Mt. split and decided to keep heading for Hull Mt. in search of more snow and trees.
We stopped here and Dennis went looking for trees. He ended up finding two that he liked.
I posed for a picture in the snow.
After getting the tree on the Jeep, Dennis decided to take the a spin in the snow.
We headed a little farther and stopped at Barley.  It was frozen over, but not good enough to walk on yet!
The farther we went, the worse the trail got.
Denny and I decided to head back early, and the two Jeeps from the Mendocino club decided to hear towards Hull Mt. and see how far they could get.   They were able to make it almost to Hull Mt., and they found a tree that they liked.
Another shot of the trail on the way out.
A shot back towards Hull Mt..

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