On 3-7-2004 we made a trip to a ranch in Cloverdale owned by one of the TTORA members family.   There was still a lot of mud up there and it was a good run.   

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The first two hills were a muddy mess.   The last time we were up there the first hill was easy and the second was hard.   This time it was the opposite.
When the silver truck tried to pass the green one, he slid in and they made contact.   The silver truck was fine, the green one got a small dent in the front bumper.
After getting everyone up the first few hills, we headed over to the shooting range to shoot and have lunch.
After lunch Kris tried to go through a ditch, but took the wrong line and got stuck.
We then headed up to the overlook where you can see down onto Cloverdale.
Kris and I had to go take Warren back to the staging area and after that we stopped to play in the ditch again....
Kris drove through it twice this time without problems.
We ended up in a rocky area and I decided to play a bit on some rocks...
The passenger side slipped down and I got a new dent in the passenger door and a scraped up fender flare.  If you look closely, you can see the dent in the flare in this picture.   A large rock also rolled out from under the passenger rear tire, and I had to be tugged backward off the rock.
Kris poses on a rock for a picture.
The others watch....
After getting tugged off the large rocks, I played in the rock garden a bit.
With a little convincing, Anthony drives up onto the large rocks for a picture.
Anthony cruises the rock garden.
A few trucks pose on the large rocks for a few pictures...

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