Cal4Wheel Convention 2005 was held February 4-6 in Visalia.   Our clubs state delegate Alan and I traveled to Visalia and stayed at the Radison Visalia.   

There was a meeting on Saturday and Sunday for the state delegates and the Cal4Wheel board of directors.   Many items were discussed such as conservation, land use, past and upcoming events and legal issues.   

In the main convention center there were classes on GPS usage, Geotreking 101, CPR Certification, Dutch Oven Cooking 101, Political Processes 101, Surprise Canyon 101 and Trail Welding 101.   There was an RV show put on by Paul Evert’s RV Country.   They had quite a few different models on display for all to see and I understand that they sold 3 during the show.   Vendors on hand included Marlin Crawler, 4WheelParts, Warn, Mobi-Arc Welders, Staun, and many more.

The Cal4Wheel 2004 Jeep Liberty raffle vehicle was given away on Sunday, but the winner was not there yet to claim it when I left.

The hotel was quite nice, but when we looked out our 4th story hotel room windows we could see that the lighting that shines on the side of the building was done with lights on wooden poles and extension cords. The room had a fridge, coffee maker, iron and hair dryer but no microwave for re-heating the pizza from the night before.   Luckily, we were able to improvise.   (See Pics.)

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