Corey put a trip together for Cow Mt. on 7-6-2003.   Four rigs were present for the trip: Corey's Cherokee, Alan's CJ-5, Pete's Tacoma, and a guest with a Honda Passport.

All pics are HERE.

The weather was great!   They have new maps so we picked up a few and planned our route.
This was the first of 2 bridges that we crossed.
During a discussion on what way to turn, Alan can't resist playing a bit.
A view of Clear Lake from the trail.
The trail had a few bad areas, and some sharp downhill switchbacks.
The second of the bridges.
Corey starting down a steep section.
Pete going through a slightly twisty section.
Because this was the first run since the lift on the Tacoma, I was aiming for the worst sections of the trail, just to see what it would do.
Corey playing in the same spot.
We got to the old quarry and decided to play for a while.
Alan and Corey smile for the camera!
There were three ways to go up this small hill.   We made the two to the right, but not the one to the left, the dirt was too loose.
Alan's second attempt at the far left hill.
Alan's third attempt at the left hill... this is where things went wrong.
At this point he knew that it was going, so he leaned over towards the passenger seat to be out of the way.


Everything was strapped down like it should have been, and held.   The only things that fell out was the contents of the cooler when the lid came off, the soft half doors, and some garbage.  

This is a good example of why you need to secure things so you dont get hit by flying objects if you roll.  Alan had a few very slight bumps, but was otherwise unhurt.

We winched it back onto its wheels quickly to aviod any more oil leaks.
halfway there...
It was time to asses the damage.

All in all, it could have been much worse.  The roll cage held, but is pushed towards the passenger side.  The body is bent so that the steering column is also pushed towards the passenger side, the holes in the floor for the pedals are moved, windshield and frame are toast, hood, and fenders damaged.  The grille was moved slightly back, so when we started it it was fine, but when we gave it a little gas, the flex fan hit the radiator slightly.

He was able to drive it back to the staging area.

OK, your work is cut out for you Alan, you have just 2 weeks until Run-A-Muck!  

Will Alan fix the Jeep in time for Run-A-Muck?   Tune in next time to find out!

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