Corey planned a day trip to Cow Mt. to run Benmore loop and then play around in the obstacle course area.   3 of us met at Coddingtown at 7am and headed up, and we met a 4th person in Ukiah.  

To get to Cow Mt.:
From 101 take the Talmage exit and head East.   The road will dead end into the Temple of 10,000 Buddha and you will take a right at this point.   Shortly there is a road that will exit to the left, this is Mill Creek Road.   Follow Mill Creek Road all the way up to the staging area.

All Pictures HERE.

For downloadable GPS information, click HERE.

On the way up the hill I was quite surprised to see that the large pond that normally has people swimming and fishing was empty.

We started off the day by running benmore loop.  This is the Santa Rosa 4x4's adopt a trail.

Here we are at the bridge checking out the creek.

BL 109: N 39.03291 , W 123.02657 : coming to Bridge and Creek, start of series of climbs.

Yes, there are fish in there!   We actually saw quite a few.
After you cross the bridge, there is a long steep series of climbs.  You can see on the right side of the road that most of the road in the first section has been paved with cement paving stones, seen by their square shapes.   This is to help prevent erosion here that would run into the creek.

At the top of the hill we stop for a break.   Clear Lake is visible in the distance.

BL 110: N 39.02416, W 123.02033 : Nice View!

After a series of decents, we are back at the creek.   There is just a small water crossing here now with summer.

BL 112: N 39.02630, W 123.00772 : Creek, nice spot to camp if staying the night.

Playing in the lower part of the obstacle course.   The waterfall obstacle is in the background.
When I came through this spot I had a close call.   The Tacoma is longer, so when my drivers side front tire came up on the rock (green arrow) the tree (yellow arrow) kissed my rear passenger side door.   No dent, just a small scuff that I think will buff out!
A flexy section of trail!
Mark going through a rock pile.
The same rock pile from another angle.

Almost to the top of the hill, there was a series of large cement blocks at angles.  

I actually took my tacoma up the series of blocks, but once again I don't get any pictures!

At the top of the hill, Corey plays in the distance.

It was getting to be mid afternoon and we all decided to head home.   It was a good day of playing with no carnage!

Here is the GPS information for the Benmore Loop trail.

I have placed all the way points in numerical order into a way pointEasyGPS file that you can download by clicking HERE.   EasyGPS is completely free to use and is one of the best tools for downloading and uploading way points and routes that I have found.   This file will take you from the start of your trip from right after you come off 101 at the Talmage exit all the way through the trail and back again.

Here are the numbers and some info if you want to input them manually:

BL101: N 39.13318, W 123.16631 : Right turn off talmage road.

BL102: N 39.12869, W 123.16357 : Left onto Mill Creek Road.

BL103: N 39.13133, W 123.13423 : Passing pond on way to staging area.

BL104: N 39.09911, W 123.08499 : Staging Area

BL 105: N 39.09005, W 123.09416 : on way to Benmore Loop

BL 106: N 39.07267, W 123.08417 : on way to Benmore Loop

BL 107: N 39.04671, W 123.03434 : Start of Benmore Loop

BL 108: N 39.04265, W 123.03816 : creek on Benmore Loop

BL 109: N 39.03291 , W 123.02657 : coming to Bridge and Creek, start of series of climbs.

BL 110: N 39.02416, W 123.02033 : Nice View!

BL 111: N 39.02449, W 123.01101 : Split in trail, take a Left.

BL 112: N 39.02630, W 123.00772 : Creek, nice spot to camp if staying the night.

BL 113: N 39.03357, W 123.00997 : Junction, go straight.

BL 114: N 39.03506, W 123.01267 : Trail Way point

BL 115: N 39.03898, W 123.01666 : Trail Way point

During this section or 4 trail way points, there are quite a few side trails that run parallel to the main road.  You can try them out, but some are rather narrow with brush!

BL 116: N 39.04500, W 123.01907 : Trail Way point

BL 117: N 39.04637, W 123.0192 : Trail Way point

BL 118: N 39.04734, W 123.02158 : Back to Main Road, turn Left to head back to staging area.

BL 119: N 39.07267, W 123.08417 : Heading back to staging area.

BL 120: N 39.09005, W 123.09417 : Heading back to staging area.

BL 121: N 39.0991, W 123.08498 : Back at staging area.

If you have used my way points to run the trail, please let me know how they were as I only created them and have not yet had the chance to try to run the trail with them!   You can e-mail me here.


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