The 1st Annual Cow Mountain 4x4 Challenge was great!  There were around 50 rigs that entered and from what I could see everyone had a great time.    I only wish I could have been in more than one place so that I could watch all the different runs that were happening at once!

Here are the results:

Stock class:
1 Bob Melani
2 Chris Pavinska
3 Keith Petz

Advanced class:
1 Justin Verdu
2 Tod Fitzsimmons
3 Travis Thompson

Unlimited class:
1 Steve Brey
2 Bonanno Johnny
2 Fabworks (forest)
3 Bernie Emerson
3 Cliff Laughlin

We took LOTS of pictures, and we have also received pictures from others.   All the pictures and some videos are also available at the links below.

All Pictures Here (around 1000 pics!)

Videos from the Unlimited Class on the Waterfall HERE

More Pics are HERE!


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