Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2006

Spanish Valley Arena

We arrived in Moab late, around 3:30pm. We did not have time to hit the trails. We could not even if we wanted to. They have decided to close the trails to non-registered vehicles during the trail ride events. Technically, the BLM issues permits for a specific number of vehicles for the trails to the Red Rock Four Wheelers. This is part of the fee. However the past few years the number of persons participating without paying has gotten way out of hand. The litter, trail damage, and trail blockages have become too much of an issue. In Pritchet Canyon one year, a whole line of vehicles had to turn around and head out backwards. This was due to a non-registered vehicle breaking down in a critical area of the trail. This year they were going to try to enforce trail closures during the actual trail rides. If you wanted to watch, you would have to get there early or hike in.

So, we decided to check out the other hot spot. The vendors booths at the Arena. Every year they set up inside and outside of the Spanish Valley Arena. This is like SEMA for the off road world. New ideas and products are on display as well as the established staples of off roading. You can win prizes, ranging from discounts to entire vehicles.

One vendor was even installing lift systems on the spot. You could be on the trail in a few hours with your new lift.

If you come to Moab during Easter week, make sure you spend a day at the show.

There was plenty of things to see at the Moab Easter Safari without hitting the trails.  We stopped in at the Jeep Booth and saw several really cool things.

First was the four door JK unlimited.  This was a full mockup.  Made from fiberglass, and not a functioning unit, it was still cool to look at.  The line is in production and should be available by September of this year.

The Interior was very nice, and well laid out. 

Even the Jeep Hurricane was there. They started it up a few times. Man that thing is loud. Don't look for it on your dealers lot though. Its a one of a kind.It is fully functional though and will most likely wind up in the Jeep museum.

The Hurricane even had its own special badge. If you cant read it it says, "Thrill Rated".

For those who have trouble re-spooling their winches, the Winch Lobster can save your cable. It tensions the cable and allows you to feed it in properly. Cool product that every shop, club, or competition team should have. Even wreckers should carry one in the shop. Kinked winch cables can be very dangerous. Holding the line in your hand to feed it in can lead to a hand covered in band aids.

This is one cool unit.

Premier Power was there, waiting to answer your every question about the Power Welder and Pull Pal.

Check out our review on the portable welder in 4WD Toyota Owners Magazine soon.

Inside the Arena there was a whole flatbed covered with raffle prizes. The venders were abundant and eager to talk.
If you wanted to know how a locker or limited slip works, stop by the Trac-Tech booth. They had really nice cutaways so you can see how things worked.

Superlift was showing off their new system. It is the Black Diamond X2. It fits CJ7s, YJ, an TJ. It runs coils in the front, and leaf springs in the rear. So for the TJ it puts leafs in the rear, and for the YJ and CJ7 it puts coils in the front. Its a whole system though, not just replacing one end or the other.

We liked the design of the radius arms. Using large rubber bushings on the upper arm-to-axle links to relive stress under flex.

This nifty press was designed to make key chains. The dies used would put a conical lip on the holes cut in metal. The key chain was a simple aluminum fob with a large hole in it. It was really easy to bend. After putting the fob in the red press, the conical shape made it nearly impossible to bend.

The press was made to show off the dies sizes, and the ability to cut weight and add strength at the same time.

Need a new tub? Here they are!
Full Traction was on hand with a fully functional long arm kit on a frame and trailer. They had handles on the unit to allow you to move the axles. This displayed the free moment of the system.
Tera Flex had a full Jeep frame with their LCG kit. It is very impressive and simple. Not over-engineered and very strong, this is the kit that John runs.

Best top had a Jeep outfitted with lots of goodies. The side guards dropped down to a step when the door was opened!

Running a great roof rack, it was also equipped with a stow able rear cargo rack, monster front bumper, and sport top.

Calimini had these... umm... things. They look like killer bots from a sci-fi movie. They are actually spring over brackets.
Bilstein. They had a cool clear shock with a reservoir. You could see how the remote reservoir works with the displaced fluid, floating piston, and fluid.
A kick but trailer.
Rubicon Express had their throttle body's on display. Along with their shocks. Their long arm lift was displayed on a Jeep behind me.
All said and done, it was a great day. We met some old friends and hopefully made some new ones.