This trip was on 9-29-01 to Hollister Hills. There were three vehicles on the trip: my 01 Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4X4, Phillip Holybee and his 86 Subaru Brat, and Kris and Michelle Wohrle(yes... I know your last name Michelle), with their 99 Tacoma Pre-Runner Extended Cab. Warren Holybee was doing the driving duties in the Brat, since Phillip does not yet have his drivers license. Back to the Home Page
Here you can see Warren driving the Subaru through the frame twister. This car has little ground clearance and a small amount of wheel travel, going through was not as easy as it is for other vehicles.
Here Warren lines up for the first part of the obstacle.
With the size of the rocks in the frame twister, the Subaru was having a hard time...
There was also an issue of traction.... the wheels just wanted to go into the air! As you can see, there was also some rock stacking involved.
After Warren got past this part... he was in the clear. The biggest problem here was that the Subaru's left front corner kept digging into the dirt, while the right rear was in the air.

We decided to head over to the dirt pit to play around for a while. Kris decided to take the Pre-Runner (2wd) and blast around in the loose dirt. With the rear

locker, it throws great rooster tails!

Here Kris checks to see if the truck is high centered or if he still has room left.

Kris lets the wife have a go.... after all, its her truck!!!


Don't worry Kris, she wont hurt it!


(P.S.: They have since traded the Pre-Runner in for a 02 Double Cab TRD 4X4!)

Here is a picture of my truck. As you can see, I also managed to find the mud in all this dust.



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