Hollister Hills Run 5-14-2005

This was a great run to Hollister Hills.   Some people only came out for the day (Saturday) and others stayed the night.

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Saturday morning we meet at the school house.   After we gave those that may be running late a few minutes, we headed off for the first trail.

The first trail we ran I believe is called mini tank traps.

Here Tony is off to a great start!   In the bottom of that gully was a VERY deep mud hole.   His drivers side rear tire simply disappeared from sight.

Donnie and his Cherokee going through the same place.
Corey getting flexy.
Lineup of trucks waiting...
Right after he came out of the gully, Tony lost the power steering belt.
Farther up the trail, Mark gets ready for a tough spot.
Starting the climb...
Almost there...
Too far to the left!!
Nothing a few hands cant fix!
Trying again...
Mark made it past the hard spot and decided to drive up the deep notch.
Now Tony has his turn.
A slightly different line, but it works.
Mark found that driving up the notch was not so much fun.
Donnie coming up.   The longer wheelbase made it easier.
Donnie getting ready to strap mark up the notch.
Mark showing off the now removed outside mirror.

After the mini tank traps trail we went over to the Truck Hill hill climb.

Although it does not look very steep in the pictures, it is really quite long and steep with loose dirt.  Not something you would want to stop in the middle of!

While our group is coming up the hill, some others play in one of the silt ponds not far away.

After lunch, we headed over to the obstacle course area to play.   Those that had not yet done the stair steps give it a shot.

Here Justin runs his new 05 Tacoma up the steps.

Another truck gives it a shot.
One of the Tacoma's that had a 6 inch Fabtech lift had a problem.   The rear nut that holds the front diff ( yellow arrow) decided to come off and that left his diff rotated and the front drive line binding.   He was able to get the diff back into the correct position and strap it in place for the drive home with a ratchet strap.  No more 4x4 fun for him today!

There was a Dodge Power Wagon Roundup going on this weekend and there were some great old Dodge rigs there.   This old Dodge fire truck (still in current service) goes up the stair steps with red lights flashing!

The mud pit in the obstacle course was dry, but thanks to a few other Dodge fire trucks that were present it soon had lots of water!   Before long, trucks were coming out muddy!

We then headed towards White Rock but stopped off at the rock quarry to play first.

Justin has the new 05 high centered in this pic, but it was strapped off without any problems.

Ryan discovered here that his transfer case cross member lost both bolts on the passenger side and was hanging way down on that side.   Using my winch, a high lift jack, a regular jack and some muscle he was able to get it back into place and secured for the 2+ hour drive back home.   This was the end of his day of 4x4'ing.
A shot of the quarry while Ryan worked on his Jeep.
A 4-Runner that was along for the trip.   They had just finished re-doing the suspension and this was the test run.   They had not even painted the new welds yet.
We next headed up White Rock.   
Mark has problems towards the end.   The lack of a front locker did him in in the end.   He ended up winching past this final hard spot.
At the top of the hill while he was looking his truck over he discovered that his rear leaf springs had a strange S shape to them.   This was allowing the rear drive line to bind and make funny noises.   Lucky we were at the end of the day, because his fun was now over also.
It was a great trip, but there was more breakage than usual.    After this trip, I headed over to meet with the RC-Tank club on Sunday.   For pics of that, click HERE.
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