On June 11th we headed off to Hollister Hills SVRA for a weekend of 4wheel fun!   This was a multi-club run, with members of the Santa Rosa 4x4's and the Tacoma Territory Off-Road Association.    It was a great trip!

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The week before the trip was Four Wheelers Top Truck Challenge.   When the first people in our club pulled in there were still a few of them in camp packing up.    If you want to know, the winner of Top Truck Challenge 2004 is HERE!   If not, just stay tuned for the video and magazine article!   We heard all sorts of great stories about the goings on of this years TTC... its going to be a great video!  

My kids wanted to play in the TTC rig of course!

Because the camp ground was reserved for our group and only 4 people ended up camping, we had the whole area to ourselfs!   It was actually quite nice.
Saturday morning at around 10am we met at the school house and headed up to the obstacle course area to play.
We had already heard that the mud pit was bad, then the TTC people added 1000 gallons of water to make it interesting.   
Needless to say, no one made it through!
After playing for a little while, we split into two groups.   I led the "easy" group.   The first thing we did is had everyone do the stair steps obstacle.   Everyone made it!
After that we headed on a series of easy trails and headed towards the top of the mountain.
We stopped in the quarry area to play for a few minutes.
During the time we were playing, a few rigs that were not with us showed up and were also playing.   There was a white Taco and a Chevy truck.   Quite a few from our group went over the mound, but the Chevy got high centered.    Good for him there was a Taco to pull him out!
After that we headed on towards the top.
At the top we all took a few minutes to get out and look at the scenery.
Another shot of the group at the top.   We then headed back down to the obstacle course for a lunch break.
After lunch we headed up to the Fremontia / White Rock trail for some fun.   This trail is marked as a double black diamond trail, but I dont think its really that bad.   The trail ratings at Hollister are a little off!
Trucks wating to make their run at the hill.
The trail has some back and forth ruts, then there is an area that is in a very deep cut with holes and ruts.   You can also see people watching from the top.
After we came back down to the obstacle course area people were once again playing around.   There were some smaller mud holes that we were playing in here.
Another run through the small pit.
OOPS!  That looks a bit deeper!
He almost made it!   The rear bumper was hung up pretty well.   Lucky for him there was someone to pull him out!

Samuri with winch to the rescue!  

While we were playing in the mud, the second group walked Tank Traps.... it was not pretty!   After that we had some dinner and people headed home.   

Since we were staying the weekend, we went back up to play in the obstacle course area.   This is a picture of Cory from the Santa Rosa club doing the Squeeze obstacle.  I did the obstacle also and was almost through when I had a brake failure.  
The brake line broke in a place that is should not have.   I guess it was just a defective part.   We were able to make a trail repair and get home.   For info on this look HERE.
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