In January 2002 we made a trip to Warrens house in Vegas.  Along for the trip were Kris from Pittsburg California, John from Grand Junction Colorado, Warren from Las Vegas Nevada, and myself, Peter from Petaluma California.  There were a few reasons for the trip.  First was to go to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show.  The second was to go play with the 4X4's in the desert.  We did some research before we made the trip and found a area called the Logandale Trail System, it was about an hour from Vegas.   We got there fairly early in the morning and started to explore the area.  
At first the area appeared to be mostly rock.  

But we quickly found that there are large areas of sand... and it is a very find powdery sand that you just seem to sink into....

Airing down the tires made a big difference in how much we sank into the sand.

There was a large rocky hill that was partially covered with sand, and we could see that some people in a dune buggy had been using it as a hill climb.  We were able to make it partly up to a rocky ledge.  
This picture and the next were taken by Warren when he later went back there to play without us (bastard!).  I used them because we did'nt get any shots of the hill from a distance.  Here you can see Warren trying to make it to the same ledge that we parked on during the previous trip.  He did not air his tires down, so he was unable to make it.
The area that we were at is above and to the left of where Warren was at this point.
We basically just drove around and explored the area.  Sometimes there were roads, and sometimes we were just going cross country.
This was a good area if you liked playing on the rocks...
We found a nice area and stopped for lunch.  
The rocks in the area have many strange features.  This picture is one example... we also found rocks with very distinctive layering, and strange shapes, overhangs, and holes.
As we were wandering around, we stumbled upon some old rock carvings from indian tribes that once lived in the area.  

Towards the end of the day, John decided to demonstrate one of the characteristics of the local soil.  You can drive once over an area once, but the second time, the soil just crumbles.  John drove over this rut once, and then decided to do it again... the side of the rut crumbled and left him tilting at an uncomfortable angle!

Here you can see Kris giving John a hard time, asking him if he should lift up on the back corner of his Jeep and see what happens.

As you can see, the rear tire was already off the ground...

John tried to free himself, but it was just working the Jeep closer and closer to the side of the rut.  Before it was over, John had some new scratches on the left side.

Finally, John gave up and I hooked up the winch and pulled him out.  To avoid further damage, I pulled him back, then pulled him forward and to the right.


After this was over, as it was getting late, we decided to head back to Warrens for the night.

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