Moab 2003 TTORA

I had never been to Moab before and so when the TTORA (Tacoma Territory Off-Road Association) started talking about a October Moab run I signed up.   Kris was up for the trip so he agreed to be a co-driver on the long run.   We left on Wednesday and drove to Vegas where we stayed the night with Warren.   Thursday morning we got up early and drove into Moab.  We got checked into the Motel 6 and headed out for some afternoon fun.

All Pictures are HERE.

The first thing I got to do in Moab was Lions Back.   You may be familiar with this obstacle, as it was made famous, or infamous, by the video of the lady in the blazer bouncing down it after her brakes went out.  When you see it in person, you see that it is more of an obstacle of nerves rather than a 4 wheeling challenge.
When you first look up, this is what it looks like from the cab.
It then levels out and you get a great view of the rest of the climb.
At the top, there is enough room to make a 4+ point turn.   Because of the limited room at the top, I would not recommend a large group of vehicles do the obstacle at once, maybe as many as 4 would be OK.
There was time for a quick pose with the truck then it was back down for the next group.
The view from the top was great!
I dont know what is worse, going up or down.....
Looking at the trucks you can see just how high up we were.
The sun was starting to get low and made a great shadow of my truck as I came down.
The next obstacle we hit was Bump Dump, just up the street.   To make it up the ledges you have to bump the gas and hop up.  This obstacle has a way of making you think you have it made, then drops (dumps) you back down.
I made it up over the top to about this point. I could stop there, but my sliders and frame were hanging up and I just couldnt claw my way the rest of the way up.   Next year when I have a little more lift it wont be a problem!
On Friday we ran a trail called Poison Spider Mesa.   At the trail head there are some dinosaur foot prints in the rocks.
This lady was spotting for everyone, and if you were smart, you listened to her!!
At the obstacle called the Squeeze, I took a video camera and made a cool video...
of what it is like to be run over!!
When it was my turn to go through the obstacles, the lady would not spot for me.... she would always laugh and say "Oh, it you..." and sit and watch me go though.
On the way up I tried to get a wheel in the air, but it was not really successful.
Now thats a way to get someones attention... ouch!
At the waterfalls, most of the group decided to take the hard line.
I passed on the hard line and drove the rest of the way up.
But I then came back and took the harder line.
There are many cracks in the area to play on.
And another...
We stopped for a lunch break at Little Window Arch.   If you look through the arch you can see the staging area for the Moab Rim trail with cars parked in the lot.
Here is the group and some others from just up the hill.
After lunch we fould some sand to play in.
Some had more fun than others.... I hope his windows were up!
On the way back down, I had a little more success at the Squeeze getting a tire off the ground.
Here all the trucks are at the end of the run.
It was back to the Motel 6 for the night.   I must say that the Motel was very easy going!   There were axles torn apart, welding, and large groups standing around drinking beer and they never said a thing!
Saturday morning we headed out to Gemini Bridges.  Here you can see Johns Jeep and my truck parked on the bridge.
Here is another truck posing for a shot on the bridge.   If you want an idea about how big it is, look at the next picture....
This is a crop from the previous picture.    Below the arrow you can see a hiker standing on a rock after hiking up the canyon from below.
This is the canyon and the road and parking area from the top.
After that we headed out to Flat Iron Mesa.
The trail was fairly easy but had lots of scenery.
Here a truck makes a long loose climb.
A mostly stock double cab makes the same climb.
And of course you then had to go down the other side of the hill!
John makes the drop down the ledge in his new Jeep.
Ted comes down the ledge.
After the coming down the ledge you had to climb two stair steps.
Here I am going up the steps.
Another truck making the steps.
The first breakage of the day... the front CV's had been making noise and so he headed back to town.
In a show of good sportsmanship, the Toyota guy (me) does not push the Jeep guy (John) over... even though it was a Toyota run.
Here I am coming down the same section.
The longer wheelbase kept the tires on the ground.
Coming up this section was a little harder.
This was the only tow of the day.   The Tacoma did not have the TRD locker and was not quite able to make the ledge.   Instead of trying more gas and risking breaking, I pulled him up.
A view from the area.
The day was getting late so we headed back to town and the 5pm meeting at Potato Salad Hill.
This guy made an attempt at Potato Salad Hill, but was not successfull.
The key here was enough gas.....
and speed....
to bounce up and over the ledges to the top!
After leaving Potato Salad Hill, we drove back to Vegas.   By the time we got there it was almost 3am, and this is about what everything looked like!

The next morning we left Warrens house and headed home.    

Cant wait for next year!!

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