This year the TTORA Takeover event fell on the same weekend as Run-A-Muck.   It worked out really well, we stayed in South Lake Tahoe and were able to go to both events!

Takeover had runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   On Friday we did a Takeover run to Deer Valley.   On Saturday we went to Run-A-Muck 2004, and on Sunday we did a Takeover run to Eagle Lakes!   There was a huge banquet and raffle on Saturday night at Caesars Casino.

All Pictures from Takeover are HERE.

All Pictures from RAM are HERE.

There is a new TV show called Tuff Truckin that airs on Spike TV that did their first show mostly about TTORA and Takeover 2004.  To see the video of the show (51mb) click HERE (High Speed)   or HERE (Dialup)

The trucks all lined up heading out for the Deer Valley trail.
We took the scenic route in to the trail head.   Here the leader stops and talks to another group on the CB and they exchange coordinates.
The scenic route did take us through some snow and the kids got to get out for a minute and throw a few snowballs.
A nice Huey does a hot fuel.   They were carrying something that looked like bales of lumber.
Suprise!   If there is any mud around, you know I will find it!
Who let a Jeep come on the Toyota run?   Who is this guy?
We had to stop... wife needed a potty break so I got to pose on a rock while she did her thing.
The second river crossing.... hope it doesn't wash off too much mud!
Lots of medium sized rocks in the middle of the trail, just enough to make lots of noise on the scrape plates.
Ooh... ya, there's a rock behind your rear diff!
Yogi plays on some rocks.
On Saturday morning I had to leave camp at about 4:50am to make it up to the RAM camp by 6am.   I took this picture of the lake on the way.
Kai coming up winch hill number 1.
Alan coming up winch hill number 1.
At the checkpoints, there was a chance to play games for points.   This game was a pine cone toss.
A Tacoma tries to make it up winch hill number 2.   He finally made it, but only after a heavy application of the stupid stick!   I was sure that I was going to have to donate spare parts to this guy!
Kai, in reverse backs away from winch hill number 2!  After watching he decided against it.
Kai plays on some rocks.
The Jeep that was in front of us was a RAM official and a Forest Service official.  During the run he blew his rear end up and had to limp off the trail.  For the rest of the run, I had a passenger!  It was very interesting to hear the Forest Service's side of the issues.    I found that we agreed on about 99% of the issues.
Another checkpoint.
Alan broke his steering box brace at some point during the run.
After we finished the run we checked out the raffle prizes.   They had the dance floor out also already.   This year, there raffle prizes were quite a bit smaller and fewer than in past years.
The Bear Valley Campground area was also quite a bit more empty.  I heard that there were only 50 something people that attended, and that the event may end up in a new loss for the club that puts it on.
Saturday night we headed over to Caesars for the TTORA banquet.
It was quite a event!   There were vendors there, Toyota reps, and in the background you can see a large tarp covering the 2005 Tacoma.   Once Toyota gives the OK, I will add pictures of the 05!

In the raffle, I won a set of Donahoe coilovers!

You will see an install on these in the near future!

For a list of all the prizes won, click HERE.

Ivan Stewart was there and I got to talk with him and get a picture.  

He introduced the 2005 Tacoma and told us all about the new features.

Sunday it was off to Eagle Lakes.
Kris heading up the trail.

When we got to Driveshaft Hill, I had to give it a try!

April and the kids opted to exit the vehicle and watch.

I crawled it just to the top, then had to back up about a foot and bump up the last ledge.

Backing up the foot would have been easier it I would have had brakes!   Once again, a Pro-Comp braided brake line failed.

I quickly did a trail repair and moved on down the trail.

See more about this HERE.

A few others also made it up the hill.   Without the front locker, it was not as easy and required more throttle!

Look out!   Run!   He is trying to get you!



After Driveshaft Hill, we took a break.   

About this time this guy in a stock looking Nissan Titan came down the trail, bumping and banging on every rock he came to.  He made a couple of loud bangs as he passed us, then when he went around the corner on the bypass, he did something that made a huge bang.   He then proceeded to stop and remove what was left of his running boards that were now just hanging loosely on the truck.

After he was done, this guy came and made an attempt on the hill.   He got to about this place, then got really tippy.   He wanted me to winch him up as he was in a position that he could not go anywhere safely.

Then this guy in the Bronco came along towing a FJ that had broken down.   The FJ guy was talking about going down the hill, since he didn't need an engine to go down!   The Bronco guy hooked his winch up to the Toyota, then instead of reeling it in, he decided to back up and yank the guy up the steps.

I never got too close to them, but I was told that they reeked of alcohol.   We made our way up the trail.

Heading up the trail.
Peri coming back down the trail.
Anthony drags his bumper on a rock.
On the way home, we passed the bear house on the lake.
A shot of the front of the main house.
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