On October 5th, 2002 we made a run to Hollister Hills SVRA with the Tacoma Territory Off-Road Association club.  Kris was along for the ride and we were really looking forward to getting some ideas on things that we wanted to do with our trucks.  We drove to Hollister and went to the ranger station to pay and get the gate code.  The ranger greeted us, and told us that it was a free day as they were celebrating the expansion of the park.  He also gave us free hotdog and soda tickets for the store.  We headed up to the gate and met up with the TTORA group.  

There ended up being a total of 14 trucks including mine.  We played in the park for a while and then headed to Mountain Mikes Pizza in Morgan Hill to eat and watch off-road videos.

After playing in the obstacle course area for a while, we headed over to the Mini Tank Trap trail.  This spot was a tight squeeze with a tree root that was sticking out on the passenger side.  Because of the rut and the angle, a few people stood on his uphill rocker guard to make sure that all the wheels stayed on the ground.

The trail has a series of obstacles, with semi-easy sections in between.  

In this case, there was no easy way to go.  You had to look at the options and pick the one that suited your vehicle best.

Here you had to come up and make a hard turn to the left.   It looked worse than it felt.
Another split in the trail...
Here are most of the trucks on the top of the hill... (bad example of joining pictures)
After the run at Mountain Mikes Pizza, it was funny to see nothing but Tacomas lined up out front.   Most of the trucks were in the line here.  A few had to park across the way.
We found out a few tricks and also looked at the trucks that were there and found out what we liked and didnt like.  It was a good run!

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