We went to Las Vegas on May 29th for two reasons: 1st to take Warrens Galaxie 500 to him, and second, for some fun in the desert!  On Friday night about 8pm, we called John in Grand Junction and told him to hop in his Jeep and come and join us.  We, it was just a joke, but he actually came!  He made it to Warrens house in the wee hours of the morning, but he said it was worth the trip in the end.  Below are some pictures of both geocaching and wheeling.

If you do not know what geocaching is all about and want to find out more.. click HERE

As usual... I have gone crazy with the pictures!

This was the Lone Mountain Cache.  Because this was the closest cache to Warrens house, (you can actually see the small mountain from his house) we went there first.

This is Warren with the cache.

Here I am holding the cache.
The second cache was the Calico Basin Cache.  This one tried to hide from us for a few minutes, but we found it.
Here it is! You can just make it out under the rock overhang.  It was a tupperware box with rocks on top.

What incredible timing!!!

This amazing picture was taken just as John swerved and hit a small peaceful burro... poor burro.

This was the third and final cache we found that day.  This was the Little Red Rock Cache.  This cache is located in a very rocky area overlooking Vegas.  We have been going out there and playing for quite a few years, but the houses are quickly moving in that direction, and it is getting harder and harder to get there without going past no tresspassing signs.
After we found the cache, we had to play in the area...
As you can see, there are lots of large rocks to play on...
Since Warren was the only one with a 4x4, he got to play on all the rocks... but have no fear, we will be returning soon with our 4x4's for more pictures!
Warren checks the brakes... yup, they work.
What a great shot!  In the background to the just above Warrens tail gate, you can see the Stratosphere tower, and to the right of Warren you can see the other casinos on the strip, with the Luxor pyramid almost to the right side of the picture!

The next stop was Potoci... did I spell that right Warren?

Warren works for a TV station and one of his transmitters is somewhere in this clutter.

Just down the hill from Warrens site, there is a FAA site used for air traffic control.

Are they serious???

Hey John... put those wires down!

The road to the transmitter is not the greatest.
The road was open at the time that these pictures were taken, but now it is gated off.  Luckily Warren has a key, so we will be able to make this run again!
During this trip we also wanted to find the Steel Door Mine.  We had the GPS coordinates, but they turned out to be way off.  The owner of another local mine said that we could look around.
Here was the view looking down the mine shaft.  There was a ladder going down quite a ways, then the shaft went back into the mountain... we decided not to go in!
Keep an eye on the old trips page, as we are planning another trip to Vegas in November!
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