We went to the Warm Summer Daze car show in Petaluma on July 12th & 13th 2003 at the Petaluma fairgrounds.    We had 4 vehicles there the first day: Jen's 51 CJ-3A Flatfender, Pete's 01 Tacoma, Pete's 51 M-38 Willys, and Kristy's Toyota Buggy.   We put the Toyota buggy on the ramp and set up our table in the shade of some trees just inside the enterance to the fairgrounds.

Below is a sad attempt at pasting 3 pictures together to show the scene from our booth.

All pics are HERE.

Here was our shady spot.
Elvis was in the area and stopped by our booth!
My youngest posed for a shot in the billboard car.
We lost the rock buggy Toyota, so we put Eric & Jens CJ on the ramp instead.
Art stopped by for a while with his Ford, and we made him put a Santa Rosa 4x4 decal on the door!   He should have had his Jeep Commanche truck at the show instead!
On Saturday, there were between 200 and 250 vehicles there.  On Sunday, there were about half that number, and they were more towards the building.   We were all alone out by the front gate, but we love that spot and will try to get it for future shows!

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