This is the second year that I have done the Windsor Day Festival with the Santa Rosa 4x4's, and I don't know how many years that the club has done the parade.... but I do know that they started the 4x4 class for the parade.  The club called the parade organizers and asked for a 4x4 class.  They were told that if they got 3 vehicles, they could start the new class..... they started it the first year with 12.

This year our club had 5 vehicles entered in the parade, and one more club member present, but parked down the street.  Tony brought the ramp, and the two Samuri's parked on it.  Alan and I made picture boards for our trucks, and the club had flyers for people to pick up, and photo albums for them to look through.  

The weather was perfect!!  Not to hot, very little wind.

All pics are HERE.  

The kids had a lot of fun!  When they were not playing, they were staying out of the sun either under the ramp or in the back of my truck!
I WASHED my truck... then I waxed it.  It has not been this clean since it came home from the dealer.  I also had a picture board and descriptions of modifications I have done.
Tony's Samuri parked on the ramp... there were information sheets about what the ramp is for and how it works.
There were two on the ramp...
Alan also had a picture board for his Jeep with action shots from past trips.
I am not sure of the car count at the show, but it was slightly smaller than last year.  I think that a big factor was the weather... some people were not sure that it was not going to be raining!
There were still quite a few cars to look at....
They had us in a slightly different spot this year also.  They are working on these new buildings and wanted the show in front of them.  They are only partly occupied now, and none of them have yet opened.  The first to open, a restaraunt, is supposed to open in a few days.  The second and third floors are going to be apartments.
They had the vendors on hand as well as food!  There was hotdogs, pizza, ribs, chicken, corndogs, kettlecorn, icecream, and more!
The firefighters were in the parade and REACH landed in a nearby field.
The kids loved the jumpers!
OK, so in the middle of the awards presentations, you can tell who the 4x4 owners kids are..... they are the ones playing in the dirt!

Alan won 1st place in class....

Hey... who's that in the passenger seat???

Tony won 2nd place in class...

Pete won 3rd place in class....

(I won?... I WON!! Woo-Hoo!!)

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