Just did a trail fix and now your hands are all greasy and dirty?  This is an easy way to get clean so the interior of your rig stays nice.

For my setup, I used two 40FL OZ shampoo bottles.   I found that both Pert and Head and Shoulders bottles were basically identical other than color.   They both came with flip tops, but the hand pump from the 40FL OZ Kirkland Signature (Costco brand) shampoo fits onto them perfectly.
I went to Walmart and got 2 Bell Expand-A-Cage bike water bottle mounts.   They cost $4.07 each, for a total cost with tax of $8.75.
I found a place to mount them, it would be to the end of one of my ammo cans that are bolted to the bed for storage.

After removing the handle, the two mounts were bolted to the ammo can.

You can mount them anywhere of course, it may be easy to mount them to a roll bar with a large hose clamp.

A hole needs to be put somewhere near the top of the bottle.   .
This is done because while in the hot car during the heat of the day, the soap and air in the bottle will expand.   Without this hole, the soap would be forced out of the hand pump and make a mess.   The hole gives the air a place to escape.   Because soap and hand cleaner is very thick, you dont have to worry about it splashing out as your drive.   I also only filled the bottles about 2/3 of the way so that during a steep climb or descent the fluid should not reach the hole
Thats all there is to it!   Cheap, quick and easy!
With the rear door closed, they are tucked out of the way in the corner.
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