HighRock 4X4™ by Bestop®

Installation and write up by Johnathan Kazmierczak

Developed specifically for the hard core rock crawler, the HighRock 4X4™ Front and Rear Jeep Bumper feature high-access design for greater off road clearance.

  • Optional tubular Grill Guard for front bumper protects grill and headlights and is available in textured black or stainless steel.
  • Sturdy winch plate on front bumper accommodates most standard-sized winches.
  • Front and rear bumpers offer attachment points for D-Ring and other recovery equipment.
  • No-drill installation.
  • Optional Approach Roller mounts to front bumper while optional Departure Roller mounts to rear bumper to get over the toughest obstacles.
  • Powdercoated finish on bumper

The raised wings of the bumper allow for greater approach clearance to the tires, while still protecting the fenders. The bumper is predrilled for standard winch mounts. We installed the bumper on a 03 TJ. It is a mostly stock jeep still with a three inch lift, 33x12.5 r15 ATs, and Terra shocks.

For more information please go to www.bestop.com

Although a little extreme, and done for photography reasons, this demonstrates the ability of the front roller. Assisting the front end over a protrusion, the Jeep easily rolled up the rock. Instead of grinding the front bumper up the rock, you can roll right up to the tires. With the roller on the front you can nose dive into the creek without having to go in at such a steep side angle that you may roll, with less fear of grinding to a stop.

This can also be very handy in tight spots, such as slipping off the rock and on to the bumper. Also the roller does a great job of shielding the steering box.


If this pointed rock was an abrupt ledge, (instead of a point) we would have been able to get the front tires right up to it and hopefully on up it. If not it would be easy to back down. The rock was not marked or damaged by this at all (just in case of rock loving hippie environmentalists, no metal or paint transfer to the fragile environment, and no man made 'erosion').


The roller is taking the full weight of the front end here. The rock is in the middle of the roller and there is no sign of deflection or stress.

The front bumper itself is a very nice item. Well constructed and good looking, it is not too heavy and comes with D ring holes. The bumper is cleanly built with no seams visible.




As with all installations this is just a guide. Always follow the manufacturers instructions (as we try to show the process and they may change from this time of install). Always follow all safety procedures for hearing, sight, life and limb. If you are not familiar with the procedures involved get help or have a professional install the item.

Today we will remove the factory bumper and install a High Rock bumper. The instructions can be found here and at the bestop web site.

Here is the stock bumper. There is nothing special about this bumper. The Bumperettes are long gone off the ends.

The bestop bumper as it is out of the box. The light bar is sold as a separate item and easily bolts to the bumper. The plate with the big hole in it is the winch fairlead mount. It goes between the winch and the bumper.


If you are installing a winch, install the plate and winch before attaching the bumper to the Jeep.

To remove the front bumper, there are six torx bolts to loosen (T55). Four of these are on top, right on the two hooks.
The last two are on the bottom right below the top ones.
To remove the fog lamps, remove the 13mm nut on the underside of the lamps. There is a release clip up under the fender if you wish to completely remove them. We just let them hang for now.
Everything is loose and ready to come off.
The stock bumper is gone! Now we have to remove the plastic shroud over the sway bar.
There are four bolts holding the plastic in place. Simply remove them and the shroud will come off.



Remove the front 15mm bolt from each of the sway bar bushing straps.

To install the front bumper is easy. Reverse the process and reinstall the tow hooks with the original hardware. Reinstall the two 15mm bolts into the positions over the bushing straps. Consult the shop manual for proper torque setting for each bolt.



The roller installs with ease. Simply place the roller in position, and slide the center rod in place. You may have to use a dead blow hammer to tap the rod into place.

The steering box is well protected from direct hits behind the roller.

Tighten everything down properly. To install the light bar, put it position and install the four supplied screws from behind the bumper. It is an easy reach. Tighten them evenly.

We installed the stock lamps on top. We will have to fabricate wires to the stock harness.

You are done and ready to hit the rocks!

Again the proper instructions can be found here and at the Bestop web site.


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