Blue Torch Fab


Blue Torch FabWorks, Inc is your one stop source for building a custom rock crawler.  BTF offers a complete line of parts for the "Do it yourself" fabricator and they also build turn key crawlers.  Over the past couple of years BTF has grown to be the leader in custom laser cut parts.  If you have a custom parts you want made give them a call.  Along with the many production parts we stock we can help take your idea and turn it into reality. Their page is here at


Blue Torch has designed a really strong bracket designed for mounting shocks, coil-overs, and rams. They have many more items available, please check them out at


We are impressed with the design and the quality. We were going to use them on the TJ coilover project, however the company that made the coil-over hoops stopped making them. We had to find an alternitive kit to use instead.

We may wind up using these to mount a power steering ram on the project TJ.

They are laser cut and fit together well. After welding them together in place on the axle, they are much stronger than any standard tabs.
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