To change the front bumper is a simple straight forward job. This simple write up is to show how easy it is, all bumpers are slightly different and will not be exactly like this one so I will not go into much detail.

I will be putting on a M.O.R.E. front bumper, with the winch tray built in.

To remove the stock bumper, remove the four torx head bolts. Two on the top and two on the bottom. The factory two hooks will come off as they are held on with the upper bolts. Set them aside. The stupid little piece of plastic with the “Jeep” logo stamped on it will come right off when you pull the two screws that hold it on, they are on the sides of the plastic.

(The jeep logo is so that in 10,000 years aliens will know that piece of garbage came from Ohio.)

As you can see in this picture the plastic piece is removed and you have a good shot of the frame rails, and the swaybar. The small tube is the brake line for the passenger side caliper. *don’t mess with this line*

The bumper I am putting on has the holes for mounting already drilled. The winch tray had mounting bolts inside to adjust the depth for variances in the frames. There are also frame brackets that bolt to the side of the frame rail to give more holding power when winching. These differences will be discussed in your install instructions, your bumper mayl have different mounting options depending on your style and use. Refer to your manual for these instructions.

Basically, place the bumper in place, then set the two hooks (if you are going to reuse them) on top, run the bolts in and snug them up. Make sure you line everything up and then torque everthing in place.

I reused the factory fog lights. I had to drill new holes for this. I measured four inches from the back of the bumper......
....and four inches from the winch tray edge. I marked and drilled the holes. The factory lights have tabs that keep them forward. If you do not want to drill more holes and possibly have them not line up right, just bend the tab up with a cresent wrench. I lined up the lights and tightened them down. They have not moved, so I am not worried about the tabs.
Here is what it looks like when you are done!   Much stronger than the factory bumper.
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