Teraflex's Street/Trail swaybar


The Tera S/T swaybar is a true innovation in the world of quick disconnects. You disengage and re-engage the disconnect with a twist of a knob.

The bar when engaged is stronger than the factory sway bar. This improves the anti-sway performance on a lifted Jeep with the center of gravity higher than stock.

When disengaged the performance is that of a completely disconnected bar.

When performing any work on your vehicle, we always set the parking brake, block the wheels, wear safety glasses, and follow all other saftey guidelines.

The installation of the bar is straight forward and simple. Here are the factory instructions. First remove the front bumper to make access to the frame tube easier. Disassemble the factory sway bar. To to this remove the swaybar links at the axle by removing the torx bolt and nut. Remove the four 13mm bolts holding the swaybars bushings, get an ice pack and place it on your head where the swaybar hit you when you removed the last bolt. Place swaybar into a storage facility, this may be a shed, your garage or a big round can.

Read the Tera instructions. These are some good instructions and I feel that trying to duplicate them is useless. So I will just touch on them.

Before you remove the bumper check the depth of the bolt hanging down from the top. If you have removed your tow hooks or changed the bumper you may need to trim this bolt. Assemble the knob and tighten to the specified setting. Drive a bushing on to passenger side of the cross tube, drive the torsion rod in through this side. Once the rod is through the bushing, on the driver side tap the bushing over the bar and into the tube. Assemble the arms and links. Make sure your clean the threads of the retaining bolts and use locktite. These bolts have a tendency to come loose. Dont forget to read the real INSTRUCTIONS from Tera.

If you have an aftermarket bumper you may need to trim the ends to clear the bar. Also check for range of motion clearance.

Move mouse over image to see how the pin retracts when you twist the knobclockwise.

Here you can see the modified mounts. The high steer kit requires removal the the stock swaybar mounts.
You can see here where I had to trim the bumper to accept the new arms.
I ran into an unforseen problem. Under full flex the knob travels far enough forward that it moves the fog lamp. looking at it you would not think that it would even come close.


This bar allows for full unrestricted articulation, I do not suggest removing the rear swaybar with this. As you need some restriction on body roll. With no swaybars on the vehicle, sidehills can have an extra pucker factor. If you feel that the rear swaybar limiting you, other products are available to extend the travel of it. I personally made extensions to lessen the torque, and extend the travel. You can of course get out and engage the swaybar on steep side hills, and disengage after the trick is done.

I engaged the bar for this, notice how the tierod is almost level with the Jeeps body. This would have been scary with a Currie Anti-rock, and just plain nutz with no bar at all.

However its all up to the owner and how/where they drive on the style of bar they choose to use.


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