Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven and Stove Combo

A new product from Camp Chef, their new stove and oven combo is a great addition to your camping gear.

All pictures are HERE.

My biggest gripe about this unit is the fact that they ran the gas lines down the outside back of the unit instead of an inside corner.   If it was a simple rectange, it would be much easier to store.

The propane bottle disconnects when not in use to it is not a problem.

The two burner range on top is much like many other propane ovens.   The design is such that it is easy to clean and there is not much chance for food and grease to get into hard to reach places.

The oven came with a small hanging thermometer.

With the oven on full blast, the temperature held right around 375.

The spacing in the racks is a bit tight, but workable.
To make getting things in and out I took one of the racks out, much nicer like that!
The thing we love about this unit is that it has the oven and burner top in one compact package.  We have become a bit spoiled having an oven along but the problem was size.  We end up with more and more gear in our trucks, and this is a great way to combine both into one.
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