Yoders Canned Bacon

When you are packing things for that camping trip, the cooler always seems to be full so anything you can kick out and free up space is a good thing.   I am a big fan of breakfast, and breakfast just isn't right without bacon!  Now you can have bacon without refrigeration on your camping trip, canned bacon is back.

So where has canned bacon been?   The last (and only major company that I know of) company that made it, Celebrity, stopped production some years back.   Some of the older people around here may remember the days of canned bacon.   I remember camping as a kid back in the late 70's / early 80's and eating Celebrity brand canned bacon.   

It was raw uncooked bacon that was cured with salt then rolled in wax paper and canned.   The salt factor was huge, we used to actually rinse it off before cooking as the salt was overpowering.   The good thing about it was that it basically the stuff would last forever.   As long as the can was in good shape (didn't rust out) the bacon was good.   In the link to the Celebrity canned bacon page they recently opened a can that was over 20 years old and it was still fine.

Yoders, a company that is currently canning many foods, recently re-introduced canned bacon to the market.   This time the bacon is fully cooked.  This can had about 45-50 strips of bacon, the weight on the can says 9 oz, but keep in mind this is fully cooked bacon so a lot of the weight in fat and grease was removed when it was cooked.

Yoders canned bacon can be purchased here.

The can is very simple.  
When opened you can see the wax paper folded over the end.   It was easy to grab the paper and pull the rolled up bacon out.
When unrolled there were 3 layers of bacon.
The layers were put down and stacked 3 tall then folded in half and rolled up before being canned.

Just like you would do when camping, I warmed it up in the pan for about a minute turning it once.

 The entire family was in agreement that it was good, I had to hide a few pieces in the oven to have with my eggs in the morning!

You could eat this cold in a sandwich and such, there was a little bit of grease on it which I think is to be expected.

Overall, good stuff!  I will have to try some of the pre-cooked bacon from the stores and see how it compares.

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