The 4-Air Tire Deflator and Inflator system is made by 4-Crawler Off-Road.   It consists of a set of hoses that connect to each tire and a central manifold that is used to add or release air from all 4 tires at the same time.

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Here is how it came to us.

Inside the bag are the hoses and an assortment of different fittings for us to try.

These systems are made specifically for the type of vehicle you use, mainly for the length of the hoses so you don't have to carry around a bunch of extra hose that you don't need.   Everything fits neatly into the storage bag.

This is one of the two different types of tire chucks that you can choose from.   This is a "clip less" model.
This is the second model of tire chuck, the "clip" style.
You lay the system out starting at one tire and moving around the vehicle.
You will end up with the manifold in the middle of the system.   This is where you can add or remove air.   Here it was in front of the vehicle.
Attach the tire chucks to each tire then you can go back to the manifold and make your adjustments.

From the manifold you can release air through either a standard tire valve (yellow arrow), or from the main valve (red arrow).   When you think that you are close to the pressure you want to air down to, close the main valve and check the pressure on the standard tire valve with your pressure gauge.  

When you want to air back up, you can also attach your compressor hose to the main valve for rapid inflation of all 4 tires.

We compared the time it took to fill each tire individually to the time it took to fill them with the 4 Air all at once.   To fill all 4 tires from 10psi to 34psi with my standard tire chuck it took 7:34.   To fill all 4 tires from 10psi to 34psi with the 4 Air system attached directly to my compressor it only took 2:57, a big time savings.
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