The Currie EZ-Deflator is a great tool that allows you to remove and hold the valve core while deflating the tire.  During the air down process you can still check the tire pressure.   I think this is the most complicated of all the different tire deflators we tested.   We made a video of the entire process which you can download and view.

For the instruction sheet that comes with the Currie click HERE.

For a video of the EZ-Deflator in action, click HERE. (Coming Soon)

For all pictures of the Currie EZ-Deflator click HERE.

Here is how it works....

The Currie EZ-Deflator comes with a storage pouch, the deflator and a instruction sheet.

Here you can see where the deflator threads onto the valve stem, and the internal valve core remover.

Now lets see how it works!

The red arrow in this picture is where you thread the deflator onto the valve stem.   Place the EZ-Deflator over the valve stem and using the thumb screw (white arrow) tighten it onto the valve stem.

The yellow arrow is the slide valve.  In this picture it is in the forward position.   Note the amount of space between the slide valve and the main thumb screw, noted by the yellow bar.   With the slide valve in this position, the tire pressure will be sent to the gauge allowing you to monitor your progress.

Now, remove the valve core using the rear thumbscrew (green arrow).   Once the valve core is out, pull the green arrow away from the valve stem, getting that valve core out of the way, but still secure in the device so you don't have to worry about loosing it.

Here you can see the valve core thumb screw pulled out (yellow arrow).   The slide valve has been pulled to the rear to allow air to flow quickly out of the tire.

Here the slide valve has been pushed forward again in order to check tire pressure.   You can slide it back and forth to release pressure until you are at the desired tire pressure.

Once you have reached the desired tire pressure, install the valve core and remove the EZ-Deflator from the valve stem.

There is a video link at the top of the page where you can see the whole process in action.

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