The Klune-V Rapid Air Down (RAD) Valve is very simple to use.  Below you can see the 3 simple steps to deflate your tire.

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The first step is to remove the valve cap.   When you are not deflating your tires, always use the valve caps to keep dirt and debris out of the valve stems.   You should always use the caps that come with the RAD valves, as they also tighten against the air release valve and help to lock it in place so it cannot come loose accidentally.

To release air, just loosen the large thumb screw.   Air will RAPIDLY exit the tire.   When you want to check the pressure, just close it and use a normal tire pressure gauge to check.   

When you are done, replace the valve cap.... that's all there is to it!

Here you can see the RAD valve stem with the thumb screw removed.   With all those small holes around the base, the air comes out quick!   After a few times, you will get to know about how long you should let air out before you check the pressure.   You can also still make fine adjustments with the center schrader valve, just like a normal valve stem.
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