The Powertank Monster Deflators are very quick and simple to operate.   They do require installation, you can click HERE to see the install.

Click HERE to see all pictures of the Powertank Monster Valves.

To let air out of the tires, all that is needed is to release the large red thumb screw...

Here you can see I have opened the thumb screw.   By the time I opened it and got 2 pictures, the tire was about flat!

Once you have let some air out of the tire, you still use the normal valve stem and a standard tire gauge to check the pressure.   After a few try's, you will get a feeling for how long you should have the valve open for.   It is easy to let too much out as it comes out so quickly, so take it slow and check the pressure often.
A neat benefit of the Monster Valves is that you can also use them when it is time to air back up.  The kit comes with valves and a special adapter that will fit the larger sized schrader for lightening fast air ups.
Here you can see the Monster Chuck.   We installed a fitting so it can attach directly to the end of the air hose.
Here it is ready to use.

Here we are using the supplied air chuck to air up the tires with the Monster Valves.

While it took me 7:39 to air up all 4 tires with my normal air chuck and compressor, when I took the normal air chuck out and replaced it with the Monster Chuck I was able to air up all 4 tires in only 2:13!   This is a huge difference in time, and with a Powertank I am guessing it would have been even faster!

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