Staun's tire deflators are adjustable to whatever pressure you wish.   Of the three adjustable tire deflators in the test (Staun, Oasis Trailhead Deflators and Tire Buddy II) the Staun was the most sensitive and offered the most features.   However, being the most sensitive also caused them to take the longest time to get set at the PSI that I wanted them at.    They adjusting mechanism is easy to work and once set you can lock the adjusters in place to prevent any unwanted movement, another feature that none of the other adjustable deflators had.   The other great feature was that they have a manual release and starting valve.   With this feature, you can manually start the deflators if your tires are close to the pressure you want and they will not automatically start.   With the other adjustable deflators, if the starting pressure is too close to the final desired pressure they will not function.

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Here the kit is just as we recieved it.
Out of the bag, you get 4 deflators and a small leather pouch for storage.

Here is how they work:

The red arrow points to the manual start.   Normally, there needs to be about 10psi difference between the starting tire pressure and the desired tire pressure for the deflator to start.   Staun realized that sometimes that may not be the case, or one will stop before it should and they wanted to give you a way to start it again manually.   To do this, just pull ths small lever up.

The yellow arrow points to the adjusting cap.   To raise the tire pressure set point, thread it down farther (clockwise).  To lower the tire pressure set point loosen it up (counter clockwise).

Th green arrow points to the lock ring.   Once you have the desired pressure set, use this to lock the adjusting cap and keep it from moving.


If it gets dirty, you can take it apart and clean it out.
To use them, simply thread them onto the valve stem.   You will hear the air escaping.

Once the tire reaches the desired pressure, they will "click" off and stop automatically.   With these deflators, you just need to install them then let them do their job!

.   If you should bump them or want to start them manually, just pull on the lever to start them again.

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