The Sun Performance Quick Air Deflator is a very simple and ultra compact deflator.   There are no moving parts to wear out, and no seals or o-rings to worry about.   The main down side to these is that they are not automatic.   They will let all of the air out of the tire if you don't stop them, so don't get distracted when you use them!

For all pictures of the Sun Performance Quick Air Deflator, click HERE.

Here is what you get.   They come in three colors: Red, Silver and Blue.
Their rear of the package has instructions and some information about lowering your tire pressure.
The Key chain comes apart into 4 deflators.
When they are together, they are very small and compact, easy to slip into the glove box.
To use them, thread them onto the valve stem.   Once they are seated, you will hear the air escaping.
Place one on each tire.   When you have the last one one, go back to the first one you installed and check the pressure.

You can check the pressure without removing them just as you would normally.   When the first tire reaches the desired pressure, remove the deflator and move onto the next tire in the same order you installed them.

Make sure not to get distracted, as you will end up with flat tires!   These deflators are not automatic, they will let all of the air out of the tires if you don't pay attention!

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