The Tire Air Deflator from Teraflex is another very simple to use, very compact deflator.   With no seals or o-rings to wear out, it should last pretty much forever.   

For all pictures of the Teraflex Tire Air Deflator click HERE.

Teraflex has kept with simple packaging, this is what you get.
The 4 deflators go together into a nice compact key chain so you can store them.
To use, thread one of the deflators off.
Thread it onto the valve stem, once seated you will hear air escaping.
Once the first is on, move on to the next tire and install another until all 4 are installed.

You can then go back to the first tire and monitor the pressure.   You can use a normal tire gauge over with the deflator in place.  When it reaches the desired pressure, remove it and then move onto the next tire in the same order you installed them until all tires are at the desired pressure.  

Be careful to not get distracted, as the Tera Deflator will let all the air out of the tire if you do not stop it!  

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