Coleman Hot Water on Demand

The Coleman Hot Water on Demand is a great unit that is very simple to use.   

It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that you can charge with either the DC cigarette lighter plug or the 110 wall plug, both store inside the unit.

The water pump and pickup hose store by wrapping around the base of the unit and the pump snaps into a holder to keep everything neat and out of the way for transport.   You have a few choices for getting water into the system:

--you can drop the pump / pickup unit into a water source such as a bucket, water can, lake or stream.
--you can thread the water pump / pickup onto a water storage bag (one is included), the type that is soft sided and collapses for easy storage.
--you can use the hose adapter to get unlimited water from a garden hose.

The unit uses one propane cylinder that threads onto the unit below the control knob, it is mostly out of site and completely out of the way.

There are no burners to light.   When you turn the water on, you can select just plain unheated cold water to full heat power and anywhere in between.   An electronic ignition will take care of the burner for you.

Prices for the components are as follows (from Coleman's web site, 4-17-2007):

Coleman Hot Water on Demand: $258.49
Storage Bag: $37.99
Shower Adapter: $12.99
Hose Adapter: $27.49
Total cost for everything: $336.96, or you can mix and match for your needs.

All pictures of the Coleman are HERE.

The Hot Water on Demand and all of its accessories easily fit into the carry bag.

The bag has a vinyl inside liner with drain holes so you don't have to worry about it getting wet.

In addition to the accessories, there is room for at least 2 extra propane cylinders in either of the end pockets, and there is also a mesh net on the back for additional storage.
Here you can see the Hot Water on Demand, shower adapter, and the hose adapter.   With the hose adapter you can hook the Hot Water on Demand up to a garden hose for an unlimited water supply.
The water faucet is just like the kitchen sink at home and swings out from the carry handle.


The controls on the end of the Hot Water on Demand are quite simple:   Turn the water on and set the dial to the desired temperature, again, just like at home.

The setup for the Hot Water on Demand is quite simple.   The water pump and pickup stores wrapped around the bottom of the unit.  Drop it into the water source, swing the water faucet out from the handle, turn the dial to the desired temperature and away you go.   Yes, its that simple.
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