Everything you need to use your Zodi shower breaks down and stored in the hard plastic box with the exception of the propane cylinders.
There is a water pickup with an electric pump that you put into the water, with an attached battery pack that uses 4 D battery's.  You can see the battery pack here sitting above the pickup / pump.

Setup for the Zodi goes something like this:

--Remove the burner from the box and attach 2 propane cylinders.  Once attached the cylinders sit in the lid that acts as a base and keeps the unit stable.
--put the pickup into the water and start the water pump.  Once water is flowing, light the burners.
--The burners heat the water, you take a shower.  
--When you are finished taking your shower, turn the burners off and continue to let the water flow until it has cooled down.  
--Turn the pump off, disassemble the unit and pack it back into its box.


While the Zodi did get the water a bit warmer than the Coleman, the setup and takedown process was the major negative factor for the unit.   
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