Inflation Zone sent out 3 items for us to test in the comparison.

Tornado I Compressor
Tornado II Compressor
Tornado III Compressor

Their compressors all come with nice carry bags, and the compressors and accessories all actually fit into them with some room to spare.  Inflation Zone builds all their compressors with the utmost care given to quality.   They use Lucas oil for long lasting durability.  They don't spend money on fancy housings or stickers, they just concentrate on building inexpensive compressors that will last.   Because of this, they offer an incredible 24 month warranty.  They also have this printed on the side of all their boxes:

"You've tried the rest, but ours is the best." How many times have you heard that before?

Well, we believe in this product so much that we challenge you to find a standard 12 volt air compressor, off the shelf, that will outperform our unrivaled TORNADO line of compressors.

We have been searching for this level of quality and function for the past 3 years and even approached the biggest manufacturers to help us make a unit that could deliver the volume that we wanted. They delivered high PSI levels like every other compressor manufacturer in operation, but most applications don't require any more than 30-60 PSI.  We wanted high volume output for shorter inflation times and a high quality product that wouldn't melt on its first attempt at inflating a truck tire.

We have found and acquired what we believe are the optimum 12 volt air compressors in each of their classes.  We are guaranteeing it.   We are so confident, that if you find one better, we'll buy ours back within 24 months of your purchase.  That's it, No small print required.

That's a pretty bold statement!   We tested each of their compressors and you can see the results of that test below by clicking on one of the pictures.


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