It was too late for me.... I had already crunched the passenger side rocker under the passenger door.  To prevent further damage to the body, I got a set of Rock Sliders from AJ at Bent Up.

The one thing about the Tacoma double cab I can say is that with a shell and that really short bed, you dont fit big things in the back really good!

I had to have the back door open and strapped during the ride home.

And that was with it also sticking throught the pass through into the cab!
I held them up for a rough fit before putting them away.
Here they both are... they are going to go in to the shop and be powder coated with my rear bumper in a few days.
Here one of them is fresh back from the powder coating shop.
Eric from our club was nice enough to weld them on for me.
Once we had them lined up, we welded them on for good!
Here it is with the rock sliders on.

I will have to get used to them, as they stick out and catch you when you get in and out.

I will also put non-slip tape on the top.

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