In the back area I needed some storage room that was also secure for 4X4 trips.   By chance I found some cool ammo cans that fit the area behind the wheel humps perfectly.   
Here is a side view of the ammo can.   As you can see, it was for mortar rounds, and carries the orange explosive sticker.   I have had comments on this when people see the boxes.    +1 for having cool tool boxes!!

These boxes are in like new condition.  I was able to pick them up for just $15.00 each, so it was a very cheap way to make some extra storage.


This is the view in the back of the truck now.  I bolted the boxes down on each side of the rear of the bed, so they wont go flying around during 4X4 trips. You can also see my shovel mounted on the right side, and my High Lift Jack mounted on the left side.   I am still using the large black storage box at the front of the bed, but I am keeping my eyes open for another larger ammo box to take its place.
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