Bestop has been around for over 50 years, supplying some of the best soft tops around.   Recently, they decided to make a soft top for the Tacoma, one with all the features of their Supertop that you find on Jeeps everywhere.   Well, they have done it!

We obtained one of the new tops and below you can see the installation.   We installed the top on Bob Van Zant's Tacoma.   Bob has the factory bedliner, and we are happy to report that it was bedliner compatible.

For the instruction manual click HERE.

For all pictures from the install click HERE.

Everything comes in one box.   The entire kit is really quite light.   If you are considering a camper shell and weight is a concern, then this is the solution.
The first thing we did was to lay out and identify all the parts.
The top was put on a piece of cardboard in the sun to warm up.   Warming the top up will make it easier to work with later on during the installation.   The cardboard will also protect the windows from being scratched.

The overall assembly is minimal, and I would estimate that it can easily be completed within the 3 hours that the instructions specify.

The first step is to put the tail gate brackets onto the left and right side rails.

The bow mounting brackets are used to join the front and rear side rail half's together.

This is done under close Nor-Cal Squirrel Supervision.

Here is a shot with the side rails done.   You can see the adjusting channel where the top bows can be loosened or tightened.
Foam tape is applied to the bottoms of both of the side rails.   The tape will help keep the rails in place and keep water out.
The foam tape comes in one roll, so you will need to measure and cut it to length.   We had a bit left over.
A picture showing the foam tape fitting on the curved tailgate bracket.
Clamps are used to attach the side rails to the truck bed.   Because of this, there is no drilling or other modifications needed to your truck.  What's good about this?   If in the future you decide to remove the top, its just like it was never there in the first place!   No left over holes.

Because Bob has a bedliner on his truck, holes were drilled in the bedliner so the mounting clamps can catch the under side of the bed rails.

With the holes in the bedliner done, the clamps can be installed.

At this time, we did not tighten anything down.

With the rails in place and lightly clamped, the side rails are checked for proper width.   They are also checked to make sure they were the proper distance from the cab of the truck.

We found that after we had measured, is was still a good idea to install the front bow and make sure that there was enough clearance!

After checking, we moved the rails back a bit more!

Here is another shot showing where the clearance is needed.   This is done so that when you want to fold the top down, there is clearance for the bow and top to lay flat next to the cab.
The top bows are mounted to the bow mounting brackets with pins and clips.   This makes for easy complete removal of the top if you wish to do so.
The top bows are installed and set into place in preparation for the top.
The top was placed over the bows.
With the top on the bows, the front and rear corners were attached to the rails.
With the corners attached, the top really starts to take shape.
The rear corners have a piece sewn onto the top that catches under the curved tail gate bracket.
The sides have a piece sewn in that slips under the side rails.
The front edge is split into two layers.   One lays outside and over the front of the bed to keep the water out.   The inside layer is fastened with a velcro strip to the front of the bed.   There is not a lot of pressure on the strip of velcro.
Two small slits need to be cut in tabs on the lower edge of the front window.   This is to allow straps to pass through.   The straps will be used to tie the top into a bundle when it is folded down against the cab.
Inside the top, snaps are used to secure the top to the bows.
The windows were the next thing to install.
The side and rear windows lip into a upper track on the top, use the same lower piece to catch the rails and zip on the front and back edges.
Once the zippers are done, a small flap in the top covers them up.
The rear window is attached in much the same way, although it has its own lower bar that can be removed with the window.
An LED third brake light is included in the kit.
Small holes are drilled in the rear bow where the light will be installed.

The light is then attached to the rear bow.

The wiring is run down the bars and tapped into the rear brake light system.

It is recommended that the wiring be done by a professional.

That's all there is to it!   Here are a few shots of the top.

The side windows on this one were tinted, but they offer the top with clear windows and also mesh windows that would be great if you have dogs that ride in the bed of your truck.

The top can be used as either a full top as shown...

Or the sides can be removed for easy access to items in the bed.   For off-road use, this is a great setup that gives you shade and still lets you get at your stuff.

If one day you find yourself needing to haul something large in the bed, the top can also fold completely down against the front of the bed in a matter of minutes with no tools required.   This allows you to haul large and tall items without having to worry about the top getting in the way!

From the Bestop Site: Built with the same core characteristics as the original Supertop® for Jeep®, Supertop® for Truck provides high-quality durability, easy collapsibility and one-of-a-kind styling. Supertop® for Truck takes truck bed coverage and storage to a new level by offering a sturdy, adaptable and cost effective truck top alternative. Durable stretch-and-set fabric features high stain and mildew resistance; galvanized, powder-coated hardware provides durability and a finished style; Patented Belt-Rail™ attachment system enables a snug fit; industry-leading Bestop bow system with four unique attachment points offers the ultimate in easy top adjustability; easy open tailgate design allows access to truck bed without unzipping or removing rear window; every Supertop® for Truck kit includes hardware, soft top and premium zip out tinted side and rear windows; no drill, fast and easy installation.
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