It is always a good thing to have a CB radio for trails run.  I wanted to install the radio where it was easy to see and reach, so I mounted it on the center console.   As far as an antenna goes, I wanted a magnetic mount, so I went with a K-40 with a quick disconnect base.
Here is the CB from the passenger side.  The power and antenna cable runs under the mat and then up under the dash.
Here is a shot from the drivers seat.   The CB is easy to read and adjust from this angle.
The K-40 has been a good antenna.   I did not want to go with a fiberglass antenna as I have had bad luck with them breaking while hitting trees and such off road.
When you are not using the antenna, you can remove it and put the cap on to cover the connector.

When not in use, I used zip ties through the holes in the side of the bed to store the antenna. It is easy to insert and remove, and stays put.

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