The Tacoma has a really nice stock rear electric locker.  The motor that actuates the locker is however vunerable to damage.   I decided to install a E-locker skid plate from A.O.R. (Advanced Off-Road Research).

The skid was $75, and is supposed to be a direct bolt on item.

Here you can see the locker motor.  In case that the motor is damaged or breaks, you can manually lock and unlock the locker, but the goal is to prevent that from happening.
Here is the skid plate.
From this angle you can see the three monting holes.
I removed the three bolts/nuts, #'s 1-3, and a fourth that helps hold on the plate that the #4 arrow is pointing to.   The number 1 nut that is hard to see also holds the plate on, so not having it is not a big deal.
When I test fitted the plate, it needed to be clearanced slightly to fit.   No problem!
Here you can see it on from the bottom, and you can see where and why it had to be slightly clearanced towards the bottom of the picture.
From the front angle....
And from the side angle....


I would say that it took about 20 minutes total to install....

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