The FJ Cruisers are here!

The new 2007 Toyota FJ Cruisers have arrived and are coming into dealerships everywhere.   For the most part, is seems that dealers are charging sticker price for them, but a few have been found that are trying to mark them up 5k or more.   There have already been a few on Ebay with sellers trying to convince people that there are only a few in the country and get crazy high prices.  Don't you believe them!   

We are going to be doing a series of modifications and installations on the FJ Cruiser.   At the time that I am writing this, rock sliders have already been installed at the shop in Sacramento.   This is just the first of many mods!

If you have an FJ Cruiser and would like to see pictures of your modifications here, drop me an e-mail and we can arrange to make it happen!   

Check back often as we are we have all sorts of plans for this one!

Budbuilt FJ Cruiser Scrape Plates

AFE Intake System (Installed & coming soon!)

Rock Slider Install at the shop Front Winch Bumper

Revtec Suspension Lift

TLC Trailing Arm Skid Plates NEW!!

SonoranSteel Rear Links NEW!!

Realwheels Rear Taillight Guards

Superlift FJ lift with Platinum Coilovers (installed & coming soon!)

Portable Welder Comparison **NEW**

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