The first order of business for the FJ was some rock sliders.  Because the vehicle is new and there are a lot of modifications to come, it was decided to go with a bolt on set of sliders as opposed to a weld on set.

Off to the shop in Sacramento!   AJ had a pair of Trail Gear 58 inch sliders that were adapted to the FJ and worked out quite well.

The 58 inch sliders are a non-specific fit item, but they were the a good length for the FJ.
Plates were drilled and bolted to the frame using the existing holes there.
These holes are intended for the factory rock sliders, but with four mounting points on the frame with nuts already inside the frame rails they are perfect to use for aftermarket sliders as well.
The sliders are held in rough place with some jack stands to height, placement front to rear and the angle of the sliders (flat vs. sloped) can be determined.
Once the placement is known, the pieces of notched tubing that will connect the sliders to the mounting plates are attached to the sliders.   The Trail Gear sliders came with 3 pieces of tubing, a 4th was used to make use of all 4 available mounting points on the FJ's frame.
The vehicles battery is disconnected to prevent any electrical problems while the welding is going on.

The sliders are again held in place and tacked into position for one final check.

As you may be able to see, the sliders were not mounted flat, but up at a slight angle.   This will give them a cleaner appearance, tighter fit, and also give just a bit more clearance.

Once everything is finalized, the sliders are welded to the mounting plates.
Before the sliders are bolted on for the final time, they are given a coating of paint.
Modification number one completed!
Check back soon, as we have a lot more planned for this FJ!
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