The steering rack on Kris's 02 Tacoma double cab was getting sloppy, so he ordered a set of Energy Suspension poly rack bushings.

For the instructions that came with the kit click HERE.

Here is the box, showing the part number.
The kit comes with the large "D" shaped bushing, then 4 smaller halfs for the two replace the two other bushings.   There have been problems with the bushings not being big enough for the bolts to go through, but they are working on it and my understanding is that the newer kits have corrected the problem.   
The first step is to raise and support the vehicle.   After that you need to remove the stock scrape plate if you still have it!

The next step is to remove the 4 bolts that hold the rack on.  The 4 locations are numbered in the picture to the left, but you may have to blow it up to see the numbers.   Starting at the upper left, there is a nut you remove and slide the bolt out the back.  The lower left is a bolt that comes down through from the top.  It is the difficult bolt to deal with!   The lower right is a bolt.   The upper right is a nut.  

Click on the picture to see a larger version!

On Kris's truck, he had installed a diff drop, so the bolt (number 1) would not just slide out the back.   We had to remove the diff drop and lift the diff up to clear it.
After clearing the diff, the bolt came out and we could continue.
The next step is to remove the bushings.   The first bushing has a large flat washer attached to the rear.   To remove it, I first used a large flathead screwdriver to pry between the rack and the bushing to move it some of the way out.   In the picture, the bushing is out but you can see where I used the large screwdriver between the bushing washer and the rack.
Once it was a little way out, you can grab it with a plyers and rotate and pull it out.
For the second bushing, I first cut the lip that hangs over off.

I then put a bolt into the bushing to make it taller then used a plyers to push it out the other side of the rack.   Again, in this picture the bushing is out, but you can see how it would work.  Put the bolt in the bushing, then put one side of the large plyers on the bolt, the other on the rack and push it out.   Make sure not to block the back side of the bushing you are trying to push out!

The large "D" bushing has a cut and just comes right off.

After all the old bushings are out, you can lube and install the new bushings into the rack.   The smaller halfs just slip in by hand and the metal sleeves go in with very little problem.

The sleeve for the large (number 1) bolt was OK, the bolt fit.  The sleeve for the number 2 bolt would not work.  We had to use a 9/16 drill bit and enlarge it a little.   There is another bushing that we could use that has a larger diameter, but it allows quite a bit of slop with the bolt, and we wanted a tight fit.

Once that was done, we finished putting the new bushings into the rack.   The large number 1 bolt went in, the U shaped clamp that is secured by bolts 3 and 4 went in fine.  The number 2 bolt was the problem!

It was off just a little but, less than 1/16th of an inch, but that was enough.   We used a clamp to move the rack just enough to start it threading in.   This may not have been a problem if we had used the larger bushing.

The poor cheap clamp was bending... we were nervous it was going to break!

Thats all there is to it!

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