To go with the King coilovers for the front, I ordered a pair of Downey heavy duty shackles.  The shackles are 2 1/2 inches longer than the stock shackles, so they should provide 1 1/4 inches of lift.  Installation is very easy and straight forward.

For the King coilover installation click HERE.

Here is the stock shackle.
Raise and support the vehicle under the frame with a jack stand. Then you can let the suspension drop and relieve the pressure on the leaf spring.
Remove the stock shackle.
Install the new shackle.  I used my trucks jack to move the leaf away from the frame.  If I had someone helping me, they could have pushed on the axle and done the same thing.

You will need different shocks for the lift.  I had installed Rockstomper U-Bolt flips a while back.  The drivers side was fine, but the passenger side did not work, as it made the shock too short.  

Here you can see that it looks like with the shackle on and the stock shock and mount.   I installed the passenger side flip now to solve the problem

The flip raises the shock mount point, so I can still run my stock shocks.

The down side is that they are at a greater angle, and much less effective.  The truck is bouncy in the back.  

I will also have to go out and flex it and see what happens.  I think that I will be back to the stock problem of the shocks limiting the travel in the rear.

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