So while I have rubbed the rear drive line on rocks a time or two, I have never done any real damage... until now.   During the Cow Mt. trip I played on the rocks and did a number on the rear driveline.   I did not know until later when I got home, strangely enough, there was no noticeable vibrations.

Here are a few shots of it still on the truck.
As you can see, it is dented on both sides and the slip joint is damaged.

Here is is off the truck.

The zerk fitting has also been removed.

Here is a side by side of the old and the new drivelines.   The old tube was .060 wall tube, but the new tube is .095 wall so it will be stronger and hopefully resist more rocks than the last one!    The new driveshaft is also 1 inch longer than the old one and the main shaft is smaller.
The ends are the same, only the tube and slip joint are new.   It has the same zerk fitting on the end for the slip joint, but I am going to replace it with a low profile fitting.
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