So I have wanted to have some way to fill up my tires on the trail, and also after a run when I have aired down.  With having the ARB compressor, it was as easy as adding their tire pump up kit.   I got the kit from Central 4 Wheel Drive in Sacramento for $35 with free shipping.
The kit comes with everything you need... an air hose with a lock on clip, a air hose quick release and a "T" splitter.
I rotated my compressor up so I could get at the pressure switch easier.   
All you have to do is remove the pressure switch, install the "T" then re-install the pressure switch in one side of the "T", the quick release in the other.
Here you can see how it looks with it all together and the hose on.   It is a tight fit, but it works!

The wife has been wanting me to check the air in her Expeditions tires... OK, will do!

It takes a while, not the fastest way but it works.   I would compare it to the compressors at the gas station.

Either way, not a bad thing to have.

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